Why Buy a Lock Picking Set?

September 23, 2023

buy lock picking setBuy lock picking set is a necessity for beginners and advanced lock pickers alike. These sets contain the tools and knowledge necessary to open any lock using the pin tumbler method. They often contain a variety of picks and rakes along with a tension tool. A variety of picks is important because every lock works differently. Some locks have more pins than others, some are more complex to unlock and some may not respond well to one type of picking technique over another. A high-quality set will also come with resources that document precise instructions and guidelines for use.

Mastering Lock Picking: The Essential Tools in Your Lockpick Tool Kit

There are many different types of picks to choose from but the most common are diamond picks and single ball varieties. These are the best choice for pin tumblers, wafer locks and padlocks. They have a flat part on the bottom and a ramp-like tip, and can be purchased in many sizes. Some are curved while others have an angle on the tip, and can vary in thickness.

Rakes are the perfect pick for newbies because they look like a saw blade and function by turning them inside of the keyhole to manipulate pin stacks without damaging the lock. They are available in several lengths and offsets, making them ideal for small or paracentric keyways. However, raking can be an erratic and volatile style that will require more practice to master. For this reason, it is important to start with a smaller set of lock picks and rakes, and invest in a larger case as you grow your collection.