The Real World Andrew Tate

September 2, 2023

The Real World Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate Real World is an educational platform that teaches members how to create their own business and become wealthy. Its hand-picked professors are “experienced individuals who have earned over $1 million in profits using their teaching methods.”

The site offers daily informative videos with advanced education, and it also gives members access to a treasure trove of resources, full lesson plans, and the ability to ask their professors questions. Tate himself is very active on the site, posting frequently and promoting it through YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Twitter, among others.

In many of his videos, he talks about his own personal experiences and successes, but he’s also been criticised for making anti-gay comments and for promoting misogynistic views. He’s been accused of exploiting vulnerable people, especially young women. Some of his followers believe his opinions are correct, and they think he’s being victimised by the media for being honest about his views.

The Andrew Tate Experience: Learning from a Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneur

Despite the criticism, many of his fans say they’ve been affected by his ideas and have been inspired to start their own businesses. Whether Tate is a monster guilty of the crimes he’s been charged with, or not, his most fervent followers see him as a hero. He occupies the very online world of men’s men, he alludes to and insults the likes of high-speed bellicose debaters Joe Rogan and Logan Paul, and he’s a part of the community of gaming nerds, the Nelk crew, and the cult of personality surrounding the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.