Specialized Contractors for Tennis Court Construction

October 7, 2023

Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Construction and running tracks may seem to be fairly straightforward to build, but the process can be complex and involve specialized equipment. To be sure the project is designed properly, you should consider hiring a specialty contractor – someone who specializes in court or track construction rather than a general contracting firm. They can assist you in determining the proper subbase, sub drain and asphalt type and provide guidance to ensure the courts comply with standards for size, slope, marking and equipment.

Before you start laying concrete, it is important to remove any grass and topsoil that might be left behind. The soil should be stored in a safe place for use in landscaping the courts once they are finished.

Choosing the Right Surface for Your Tennis Court: A Construction Guide

Once the site is prepared, the contractor should install a non-extruded expansion joint filler material 3/4” thick in the area of the net line if the two halves are cast separately and between courts if more than one is built. The bottom edge of the filler material should extend to or slightly below the bottom of the slab and be held 7/8” below the surface of the concrete. The joints should be tooled with an edging tool having a radius of 1/4”.

Once the concrete is poured and has set, it will be tamped to level it. Next, the nets and posts are installed. Finally, if the courts are to be lighted for night play, then the lighting is placed and connected. Fencing can also be added around the courts to keep spectators and children from wandering too close to the play area and to add privacy and wind protection.