Mushroom Dispensary Toronto

November 4, 2023

mushroom dispensary toronto

A growing number of businesses are opening against the law where people can purchase magic mushrooms and other products like gummies and tea that contain the hallucinogenic ingredient psilocybin. These shops are popping up across the city with brightly coloured signs and catchy names like Fun Guyz and Shroomyz. But they are still illegal, and police have raided some of them in recent months in cities including London and Windsor. The owners of those stores have been arrested and charged with drug offences. Go here

Those who aren’t comfortable going to an actual store and don’t want to wait for mail-order can buy psilocybin mushrooms online at sites like Fungimap. They will send you a range of different species of mushroom that are grown by local growers. They also have a variety of other psychedelic products and offer guided psilocybin trips.

Toronto’s Shroomies Scene: A Journey into the World of Psychedelic Mushrooms

The effects of a psilocybin trip usually take two to three hours after ingestion and last from six to 12 hours. They can include feelings of euphoria, increased empathy and spiritual connectedness, visual distortions and altered thinking. They can also cause some side effects such as a faster heart rate, anxiety and nausea. But they can be a powerful experience that can lead to life-changing transformations.

But many people are apprehensive about trying the drug. And that’s not surprising given that magic mushrooms aren’t regulated by the government and there aren’t a lot of educational resources on how to properly consume them. Plus, it’s hard to know who you can trust to supply you with the right mushrooms.