Chemical Bund Lining Services

December 7, 2023

chemical bund lining services

Total Specialist Maintenance are a national chemical bund lining services contractor providing solutions for the containment of chemicals within bunds in the event of tank & primary storage vessel failure or spillage. Bunds are often referred to as secondary containment and it is highly recommended that they are lined in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines, such as PPG26 – Storage of Chemical Drums & IBC’s and HS(G)176 – The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers. It is important that the bunds are capable of holding 110% of the liquid contained in the primary storage vessel(s), as it will help prevent environmental contamination and safety hazards.

Guardians of Containment: Choosing the Right Partner for Chemical Bund Lining Services

All our bund liners are custom designed and manufactured to suit your site requirements. The liner is typically made from a tough, robust and flexible geomembrane fabric, which offers excellent resistance to punctures, tears, abrasions, UV radiation and temperature extremes. The liner is then joined together using a high-temperature resistance welding process to provide leak-tight joins that will not delaminate.

A specialised coating system is then applied over the top of the membrane to seal the bund, protecting it from the environment and allowing the liner to continue functioning in the event of a tank leak or structural failure. Unlike concrete, steel and brickwork bunds which are susceptible to damage at mortar joints, corrosion and severe movement cracking, our chemical resistant lining systems can withstand the harshest of environments and remain operational for up to 25 years.