New Music from Julianna Zobrist

01. Behind Me

02. Say It Now

03. Safe

04. It's Love

05. Crazy Fearless

06. Only You

I grew up listening to music that would make me move and dance.   If it did not make me dance, I did not want to listen to it.  I write my music for all those who are like me.  I want to provide music that inspires a person to move and think.  Music in which you will want to dance around the house, but, also music that will prompt you to sit down, think and wrestle with the lyrics. 

I believe my upcoming album “Say It Now,” accomplishes that purpose.  The track “Say It Now” is a “fist pumper” that will get you moving, but it also addresses something about which I am passionate – PURPOSE – your purpose as a God created human being.   We are not here just to exist.  We are not just parents, spouses, or beautiful people with careers.

We were created for the divine purpose of living our lives out loud.  No matter our personality or life situation, we are on earth to be a testament and witness of Christ and His power.  So speak up!  Don’t be afraid.   Live boldly where you are.  You have something to say, so “Say it  Now.”