New Music from Julianna Zobrist

01. Behind Me

02. Say It Now

03. Safe

04. It's Love

05. Crazy Fearless

06. Only You

Julianna Zobrist is a rural Iowa City girl, raised on classical arias, Michael Jackson, and farm-grown corn. Never much of an extrovert growing up, Julianna was content to sit in her bedroom with her headphones on, writing poetry or reading her father's medical encyclopedias. She had two dreams: to be a singer and to be a microbiologist. After beginning classical piano lessons at age seven, her continued pursuit of music brought her to Nashville, TN, where her study of voice and piano quickly earned her jobs in various music industry management roles.

At the age of 21, Julianna's wedding gift from her groom, Ben Zobrist, was a midi keyboard, microphone, and a laptop equipped with a recording program. She began formulating her poetry into song as a means of expressing her heart, asking questions of God, and recounting the things He was doing in her heart as she and Ben navigated the newfound territories of marriage and Major League Baseball.

With their platform of baseball and music, Ben and Julianna began speaking and performing at churches, conferences, and schools, sharing a message of joy and hope in Christ with audiences nationwide. Now they are co-authors of their autobiography, Double Play, in which they write of their remarkable love story and the ups and downs of life in the spotlight.

Julianna is currently traveling to Nashville and LA to track and record her upcoming Christian pop record, a process which finds her heavily involved in writing and producing each song. She is intent on creating music that compels people to both move and think—to dance and ponder. Her talent and passion on stage are contagious and have given her opportunities to open for Casting Crowns and perform at the Movie Guide Awards. Her recorded music has earned acclaim as well, with iTunes featuring her 2012 EP Say It Now as the Single of the Week. In addition to her music career, Julianna also frequents New York and LA for her involvement in film, television, and fashion.

While orchestrating her passions of marriage, motherhood, and music into a full life is not easy, she is resolute to employ her gifts for a purpose. “I want the gospel to saturate what I do,” Julianna says. “If our lives end with loving ourselves then we miss the point. We are to be sacrifices, living testimonies that seep Gospel out of every pore, so that in every song, every confrontation, every dialogue, every sermon, every testament, we radiate the truth of our acceptance by God because of the Righteousness of Christ. Nothing more, nothing less.

“When we see ourselves in light of God and who He is, to claim any earned favor is not only crazy, but it takes away the reason Christ had to come. He came to be the interception between God’s justification and my depravation. I needed Him but did not know it. He pulled me out of the depths kicking and screaming. There was not an ounce of me that desired God. He chose to open my eyes and make me aware of Christ and His glory. And it is in that power that my salvation rests. Because of the Gospel I am made right. Because of the Gospel I am given salvation. Because of the Gospel I can never be let go.


“Because of the Gospel I am alive.”